Verifying your identity guide

Verifying your identity guide

M&G’s Verifying Your Identity Guide provides useful support and information on the measures we use to protect you and your data from financial crime.

The ability to prove your identity is an important part of the fight against financial crimes such as money laundering. As a regulated financial services company, M&G must verify the identity of all new customers. We may also ask existing customers to verify their identity in some circumstances.

Why have I been asked to prove my identity?

We have asked you to verify your identity for one or more of the reasons below:

  • You’re a new customer
  • You’re applying for a new product or service
  • You were a customer before identity checks became law and your recent transaction has prompted the requirement
  • We haven’t been able to successfully verify your identity in the past
  • We want to ensure our records are up to date to avoid possible delays in administering your account in the future, such as when you wish to receive proceeds of a withdrawal
  • We didn’t hold your correct contact details for a substantial period of time
  • We want to protect you and us from fraud

We will always try to confirm the identity of our customers using an electronic verification system which checks your name and address against several databases including the electoral roll. However, if we can’t verify your identity in this way, we’ll ask you to provide documentation.

Our Verifying your Identity Guide is designed to help you provide the correct documentation and avoid any future delays in administering your investment.

We’ll ask you to provide two pieces of identity documentation:

  • One to prove your personal identity – such as a driving licence or passport
  • One to prove your address – such as a utility bill or bank statement.