What does Brexit mean for

The UK is shortly due to leave the European Union, but what form Brexit will take, and the implications this will have for investors, remains uncertain.

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Grounds for optimism in the UK stockmarket

19/02/2019: Last year is unlikely to be remembered fondly by many investors around the world, not least in the UK. In common with stockmarkets globally, London-listed shares suffered major price falls.

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'Cheap quality' - How Brexit has created long-term opportunities

04/01/2019: The dreaded ‘B’ word has cast a blanket of negativity over investors’ outlook for the UK stockmarket. In the context of so much uncertainty and gloom surrounding the UK’s impending departure from the EU, or Brexit, conventional pricing of company shares has been turned on its head.

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Brexit and sterling

02/01/2019: In the Spring, the Treasury is planning to mint a commemorative 50p coin to mark the UK's departure from the European Union. The coin will reportedly feature the date - 29 March 2019 – and, on the reverse, the phrase "Friendship with all nations". But for investors a more pertinent question is – what will happen to the UK currency, and assets denominated in sterling, after Brexit?

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Beware over-relying on the UK for income

19/09/2018: Whatever your goals for life after work, the key is having the income to meet your needs and bring your aspirations to life. When it comes to generating income from investments, how you put your money to work is just as important as how much you have put aside. Investing across a breadth of different assets can help deliver a more reliable income stream. Seeking income from too few sources could ultimately put your aspirations in jeopardy.

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