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Below is a list of older articles that M&G produced previously concerning Brexit. Please note the views and information published in this content are not up to date, and may no longer be accurate.

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Article 50: What can we know?

29/03/2017: Leaving the European Union (EU) could be the most significant change to the UK economy in a generation. Then again, the impact might be so small, we may not even notice.

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Article 50: What does it mean for bond markets?

29/03/2017: UK Prime Minister Theresa May has today set the UK on course to withdraw from the European Union (EU). With an absence of surprises in her letter triggering Article 50, bond and currency markets were little changed.

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Article 50 and UK commercial property

29/03/2017: Transactions in the UK commercial property market might be down on last year, but the fundamentals look sound as the Brexit process gets under way.

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Article 50, political risk and the markets

14/03/2017: Steven Andrew, fund manager in M&G’s Multi-Asset team, explains his view of political risk and the impact that Brexit has had on his investment outlook.


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Why does anyone buy negative yielding bonds?

07/09/2016: These are extraordinary times in financial markets. For many investors, return of capital – getting money back – has replaced return on capital – making money – as their top priority.

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Keep calm and carry on investing, say M&G customers

31/08/2016: The vast majority of M&G’s customers are ‘keeping calm and carrying on’ following the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU in June, according to our recent survey.

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What the Bank of England can – and can’t – do after the Brexit vote

05/08/2016: The Bank of England halved interest rates to an all-time low of 0.25% on 4 August, in an effort to support the UK economy after June’s landmark vote to leave European Union (EU).

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