Managing your investments through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Navigating investment uncertainty in extraordinary times

At M&G Investments, our main priority as we respond to COVID-19 is the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and continuing to deliver the highest level of service to our clients and customers.

For any queries or questions you may have please visit our Online Help Centre.

COVID-19 and fraud

In these challenging times, individuals are at increased risk of being exposed to financial scams – including those involving phishing emails and cold calls – in an attempt to obtain personal/sensitive information.

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Financial advice

For objective financial advice whatever the market conditions we strongly recommend that you speak to a financial adviser. In this section we have provided information to help you find an adviser if you do not already have one.

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M&G research: Pandemic – Links between animal, human and ecosystem health

As COVID-19 devastates lives and destabilises markets, we share an in-depth research paper exploring these inextricable links and why they matter to us as investors.

Fund manager Q&A with Richard Woolnough and Stefan Isaacs

The coronavirus pandemic has swept through markets, with most global assets becoming casualties of the collapse in investor sentiment. March 2020 saw one of the most aggressive sell-offs across markets in history. It also saw unprecedented levels of economic stimulus from governments and central banks acting in unison around the world.

Why infrastructure is too critical to overlook

In what has been the worst quarter for global stockmarkets since 1987, very few corners of the market have found shelter from the sell-off. Even the infrastructure sector, so often resilient during downturns, has not been immune to concerns about the damage that the coronavirus pandemic will do to the global economy and to companies.

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Why this time is different: A ‘stay at home’ t-shaped recession

Whenever there is the threat or the reality of recession, it usually follows a typical pattern. It is engendered by tight financial conditions, a real economy or market bubble bursting, a dramatic rise in the price of oil, or a combination of the above.

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Long-term investing: letting time do its work

At M&G, we are strong advocates of long-term investing. Unless your investment horizon is only short term, we believe taking a longer-term approach – ignoring the day-to-day ups and downs of the markets – can better help you achieve your financial goals. Here are six steps to help time work in your favour when investing for your future.

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Why regular investing is a valuable ally

It is not uncommon to have a sum of money that you decide to invest for your future. While it is important to know where to invest it, how you choose to do so is vital.

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Three steps to overcoming investment anxiety

Horrid phrase it may be, but it is no less true that uncertainty is often the only certainty. When it comes to investing for our futures, the constant of uncertainty can be unnerving. After all, who wants their hard-earned savings to plunge in value?

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Don't fall prey to investments scams

From simple cons to elaborate schemes, attempts to prise away your hard-earned money are nothing new. Yet there are arguably more windows of opportunity for scammers today than ever.

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