Help with investing

This help screen covers frequently asked questions for:

Investing online

General technical queries

If your question or issue is not covered here please contact us via email at or by phone:

  • For enquiries regarding your M&G Investments, call our Customer Relations team on 0800 390 390. Existing customers will require their M&G client reference. Failure to provide this will affect your ability to transact with us.
  • For technical enquiries about the use of ‘My Account’, call our Website Helpline on 0800 316 6570.

Both lines are open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and from 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday. All calls are free within the UK. For security purposes and to improve the quality of our service, we may record and monitor telephone calls.

Please note: information contained within an email cannot be guaranteed as secure. When corresponding with M&G via email, we advise that you do not include any sensitive information such as your account or debit card details. We will respond within 3 working days. (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Investing online

1.  When I complete the 'personal details' screen and click on 'continue' an error message appears telling me that you are unable to process my transaction and asking me to call the website helpline. Why?

  • If you are a new customer to M&G you should be able to complete the personal details screen and continue. If this is not the case, please contact us via email at or by calling our Website Helpline on 0800 316 5670.
  • If you are an existing M&G investor, for security purposes you can only invest online through 'My Account' and must therefore register to be able to transact. Use the back button on the menu bar to go back to the 'My Account' homepage.
  • If you have already registered, you must log in using the details provided when you first registered with 'My Account before you place a deal. Use the back button on the menu bar to go back to the 'My Account' homepage. If you have forgotten your login details, click on the "forgotten your internet ID?" or "forgotten your PIN?" button and follow the onscreen instructions.

2.  I am a UK resident but I do not have a postcode; what should I do?
If you are a UK resident and do not know your postcode you can find it by using the postcode finder on the Royal Mail website. In order that you are able to deal through the M&G 'My Account' website you must provide us with your permanent residential address in the UK, including your postcode.

3.  I do not have a postcode as I live overseas; can I still invest online?
As an overseas resident it is not possible to make your initial investment online with M&G. This is due to the fact that we are required to carry out certain checks before accepting overseas investments. Your initial investment should therefore be made either by telephone on +44 1268 448 031 or by post at M&G Customer Relations, PO Box 9039, Chelmsford, CM99 2XG. Once you have opened an account with M&G you can then register for our 'My Account' service and manage your account online, including making subsequent investments.

4.  I'm trying to buy an ISA but I do not have a National Insurance number; what should I do?
You must have a valid National Insurance number in order to buy an ISA online. A temporary National Insurance number is not acceptable. If you wish to complete your deal without a National Insurance number please call our Dealing Line on 0800 328 3196 so that you may do so over the telephone. The Dealing Line can be contacted from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. All calls are free within the UK. For security purposes and to improve the quality of our service, we may record and monitor telephone calls. Existing customers will require their M&G customer reference. Failure to provide this will affect your ability to transact with us.

5.  I have indicated my preferred income arrangements on the 'invest within an ISA' (or OEIC/Savings Plan/Unit Trust) screen and nothing has happened. What should I do?
Please check that you have also selected which product you wish to invest in from the 'product' drop down menu. This can be found immediately above the income arrangements box. Only when both boxes have been completed will the full choice of relevant funds appear. Please allow time for the system to load the funds as this can take a short while.

6.  I wish to save on a regular basis into my ISA/Savings Plan; what do I need to do?
Once you have completed the product and income arrangements boxes on the 'invest' screen the full list of relevant funds will appear. Under this list there is an option to download and print off a Direct Debit form. If you have not downloaded this form from the 'invest' screen you can easily access one from our online literature library on our main website. You should complete your deal online and then fill in the Direct Debit form and return it to the freepost address shown on the form.

7.  When attempting to invest I have been presented with a long list of relevant funds to choose from. What is the difference between 'Class A' and 'Class X'?
Many M&G funds offer a choice of two share classes: Sterling Class A shares, which may carry an initial charge of up to 5%, and Sterling Class X shares, which do not carry an initial charge but have a reducing withdrawal fee. For full details on available share classes and charges please read the Important Information for Investors document.

8.  I have entered my Financial Adviser's code as prompted but received an error message saying that it wasn’t recognised and my deal would be processed as a direct transaction. What does this mean?
If a deal is placed as a direct transaction it means that your Financial Adviser will not be registered against this transaction and will not receive any commission that may be due. You should check with your Financial Adviser to ensure that the code you are entering is correct.

9.  What is an account designation and why would I want to add one to my holding?
An account designation is a set of characters (which can include numbers) that cannot be recognised as a name but acts as an identifier for you. For example, you may wish to set a designation on an account where you are investing on behalf of a child and choose to use their initials as the account designation. Please note that this is only available for The M&G OEIC or Savings Plan.

10.  I have opted not to pay by debit card for my OEIC/Savings Plan/Unit Trust investment by deselecting the tick box. What do I need to do now?
A contract note for this transaction will be despatched by first class post the next working day after the deal has been placed. Settlement is required by cheque within four working days of the deal being placed.

11.  On the acknowledgement screen it says you will contact me but it doesn't say how or when.
You will receive paperwork relating to your investment in the post from us. It will be sent the next working day after the deal has been placed.

12.  How do I register to receive the Fund Reports for my investment or to attend Shareholder Meetings?
During the ISA investment process you will have the opportunity to elect to receive the Fund Report and to attend Shareholder Meetings for all your funds. If, however, you invest directly in an M&G OEIC you will receive the relevant Fund Report/s and invitation/s to attend any of your fund's Shareholder Meetings automatically.

13.  Why can't I invest in an M&G Investment Trust online?
Investment Trusts are companies which are dealt on the Stock Exchange and have very strict settlement periods when buying or selling. Because of this we cannot accept online switches or new/top up investments for them. If you wish to invest in an investment trust please contact our Customer Relations team on 0800 390 390 or write to us at M&G Customer Relations, PO Box 9039, Chelmsford, CM99 2XG. Existing M&G customers should quote their name, M&G client reference and sign any written communication to M&G. Failure to provide this will affect your ability to transact with us.

14. What is a beneficial owner?
A beneficial owner is an individual or class of persons, such as a trust, who ultimately own(s) an investment that may be registered either in their name or another person’s name on their behalf.

Anti-Money Laundering regulations require us to obtain details of any individuals not named on the application to invest who have a specified beneficial interest in the units or shares.

15. What do I do if I am not the beneficial owner(s)?
If you are not the beneficial owner(s) of your investment ie this investment is being registered in your name on behalf of someone else, simply place your transaction and then either call our Customer Relations team on 0800 390 390 team or print and complete this beneficial owner declaration form returning it to let us know who the beneficial owners are.

General technical queries

1.  Can my type of browser, operating software or PC set up cause problems when I am trying to access 'My Account'?

Yes it can if you are using an older version of a browser. You may experience problems accessing the M&G site. To overcome these problems (and increase your browser security) it is usually best to download the latest version of the browser software. To upgrade your browser settings you will need to visit the relevant website. The most popular one, which is fully supported by this website, is Microsoft - Internet Explorer (IE). To download the latest version visit the following url:
You may also experience difficulties if:

  • You are using anti-virus software, as some programs can cause problems with pop-up windows. 
  • You are using the Windows XP operating system, as there is a bug with some installs of IE and Windows XP that is not specific to our site. There is a useful article on the Microsoft site that explains the symptoms and how to resolve them. We suggest you contact Microsoft directly should this problem recur.

2.  I have been prompted to have my cookies enabled. Why is this?

We use non-persistent, per-session cookies to strengthen security and maintain the session between you and our system. Our cookies do not hold any personal information about you and are only stored on your computer hard drive whilst you visit our secure site (known as an 'active session'). They are removed as soon as the active session has ended. You should view your browser security settings to check that these are configured to accept per-session cookies otherwise you may experience problems.

3. If I have a problem using the site and need to contact you via email or your Website Helpline what information should I provide?

To help us identify and solve the problem as quickly as possible it’s important that you provide us with as much of the following information as possible:

  • browser (and version) – eg Internet Explorer 8.0 or Safari 5.0;
  • operating system – eg Windows 7/XP/Vista, or Mac OS X Tiger/Snow Leopard;
  • computer set up – eg PC or Mac;
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) – eg BT, AOL, Sky, Orange etc.;
  • the action you were trying to complete at the time;
  • any error message or number as displayed when you roll your mouse over the error icon (the yellow triangle containing an exclamation mark).

Please do not include any sensitive information (eg password or account number) as emails are not considered secure.
Please note that if you do not have Internet Explorer version 6 or above, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use the M&G website.

4.  I keep closing myself out of the system. What am I doing wrong?

Many of the 'My Account' screens open as new pop-up windows. When closing them it is relatively easy to close the main screen too. Take care to close only the pop-up window to avoid closing yourself out of the system.

5.  I am getting a message that the "system is currently unavailable" or that "the server is down".  What should I do?

If we have not posted a message on the homepage of the M&G website advising you of this then please try again later or contact us via email on or call our Website Helpline on 0800 316 6570

6.  Is there anything I can do to ensure maximum performance of your website?

We recommend you use:

  • a minimum of 56kbps internet connection; and
  • Internet Explorer browser version 6 or above with 128 bit encryption.

If you have all of the above and are still experiencing problems then please contact us via email on or call our Website Helpline on 0800 316 6570

7. The 'tip' box is covering important text on the screen. What can I do?

  • You can minimise the 'tip' box by clicking on the 'dash' box in the right hand corner of the box itself.
  • You can move the 'tip' box by clicking the left button on your mouse whilst hovering over the blue band at the top of the box. Drag the box to a more convenient place and release the mouse button.
  • You can close the 'tip' box by clicking on the cross in the right hand corner of the box itself. Once it is closed you will not be able to retrieve it.