Term Definition
Asset Anything having commercial or exchange value that is owned by a business, institution or individual.
Capital Refers to the financial assets, or resources, that a company has to fund its business operations.
Emerging economy or market Economies in the process of rapid growth and increasing industrialisation. Investments in emerging markets are generally considered to be riskier than those in developed markets.
GDP Gross domestic product
Index An index represents a particular market or a portion of it, serving as a performance indicator for that market.
Risk The chance that an investment's  return will be different to what is expected. Risk includes the possibility of losing some or all of the original investment.
Share / Equity A unit of ownership in a company or a mutual fund. This gives investors a stake in a company, and potentially a share in its future profits.
Valuation The worth of an asset or company based on its current price
Volatile When the value of a particular share, market or sector swings up and down fairly frequently and/or significantly, it is considered volatile.