How well is your M&G fund performing?

We have made some important changes to how we present the performance of M&G funds based in the UK. Our aim is to help our investors gauge how well a fund has been doing.

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Visit our fund centre to compare performance of our funds against their benchmarks.

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Based on recent guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority, we have updated our website and fund documents to include any benchmark that features in each fund’s prospectus. By publishing the relevant benchmark alongside a fund’s performance, better evaluation can be made.

Depending on the fund, these benchmarks will either be used as a performance comparator or to define its target performance. In certain cases, the benchmark is a constraint on the fund’s portfolio. Where a fund does not have a benchmark in its prospectus, we explain instead how you can assess fund performance.

You will see the effects of these changes the next time you visit the ‘Funds’ page on our website.