M&G Fund Charges Calculator

We believe it is important that you understand our charges when you invest with us.

The following tool can be used to help you see the amount of charges, in pounds and pence, you might expect to pay on the different funds in our range. Please note that this tool should only be used as guidance and charges are subject to change.

How much could investing cost?

When you invest in an M&G fund, you will pay an ongoing charge – based on how much you invest and the fund you invest in – plus any portfolio transaction costs generated by the fund.

To estimate how much you could pay over one year, simply:

1 Choose your investment amount
2 Choose your fund
3 Choose your share class
4 Click 'Calculate'

What you need to know

  • Charges shown are for investing directly via M&G. Investing in a different way may incur different charges.
  • Charges shown are what would have been paid over the 12 months based upon the current annual charge.
  • Future charges may be different. The amount you pay, in pounds and pence, relates to the value of your investment and so will depend on fund performance.
  • For monthly investment amounts, charges are on the basis that 12 equal monthly payments have been amalgamated into a single investment amount.
  • For a full description of charges please refer to the Cost and charges illustration. You can also refer to the Fund Prospectus. A full account of charges paid and the fund reporting date are in the latest fund report.