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European Urban Connectivity Ranking

Connectivity is the smart physical and digital infrastructure that drives our cities and helps their economies grow. It keeps the wheels of our transport systems spinning smoothly and supports demand for real estate.

  • Europe’s population residing in settlements of more than 10 million people is estimated to increase to c.7% by 2030 (United Nations)
  • The EC proposes that by 2025, all transport hubs should have access to internet connections with download/upload speeds of 1 Gigabit of data per second
  • New technologies are allowing cities to develop transport networks cheaply and efficiently by providing more real-time information than ever before

At M&G Real Estate, we believe advancements in the physical and digital infrastructure of an urban network are key to distinguishing between cities that are more likely to provide rental growth opportunities, in turn justifying a lower yield. A better understanding of connectivity can help investors to identify relative value opportunities in real estate and future-proof their investments for the long-term.

That’s why we developed the M&G European Urban Connectivity Ranking to grade 64 European cities based on their connectivity. Find out which cities performed best in the 2018 ranking by reading the report or watching the video below.

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