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European Urban Connectivity Ranking

Connectivity is the smart physical and digital infrastructure that drives our cities and helps their economies grow. It propels the wheels of our transport systems and keeps them spinning smoothly. And crucially, it brings together residents, visitors, businesses and public and private institutions.

  • Over 70% of Europeans live in cities and the urban areas around them, with that figure expected to reach 80% by 2050.
  • Big Data could help to plug the funding gap and break the link between economic growth and congestion with cheap data-based solutions.
  • By next year, some 80% of Western Europe will be able to receive and generate real-time traffic data, according to INRIX.
  • Data analytics applied to improve urban connectivity will help boost European GCP by 1.9% by 2020 (INRIX).

At M&G Real Estate, we believe that well-serviced connectivity infrastructures provide strong support for a city’s property fundamentals too. A better understanding of connectivity can help investors to identify relative value opportunities in real estate and future-proof their investments for the long-term, as high density cities are more likely to efficiently service densification.

That’s why we developed the M&G Real Estate European Urban Connectivity Ranking to grade 64 European cities based on their capacity to improve physical and digital urban connectivity in the face of the growing density pressures that face Europe’s cities today. Find out how connected the city you invest in is by downloading our report and watching our video.


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