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Fund Name Bid Price Offer Price Date Factsheet Fund Profile
Absolute Return Fund 26.39 26.71 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
All Stocks Corporate Bond Fund 31.67 31.90 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
All Stocks Corporate Bond Fund (Inc) 29.86 30.07 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Balanced Non Property Fund 30.52 30.71 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Cash Fund 79.07 79.08 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Consensus Fund 27.99 28.26 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Defensive Fund 20.00 20.24 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Discretionary Fund 1563.67 1580.69 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Diversified Growth Fund 19.04 19.30 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
Episode Allocation Fund 12.22 12.29 20.09.2018 PDF PDF
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