M&G accessibility statement

M&G is committed to providing a website that is inclusive and available to a wide audience. We want to ensure a better experience for all users across all digital platforms.


All our online content meets Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 as a minimum, and Level AA wherever possible.

Non-W3C formats (such as PDF) or multimedia will only be used where they are the most appropriate format for the content in question.

Where non-compliant content is provided, reasonable effort will be taken to present accessible alternatives of equivalent value to the visitor.

Text resizing

We support the latest versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer (8 and later), Chrome and Safari. They all have in-built accessibility tools, including zoom and text resizing.

You can change the text size or adjust the page zoom in your browser by following these instructions:

  • PC/Internet Explorer 8 From the menu bar underneath the search field, select Page and point to Text size
  • PC/other browsers Increase page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press + Decrease page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press -
  • Mac/all browsers Increase page zoom: Hold down the Command key and press + Decrease page zoom: Hold down the Command key and press –

Customise the website to your requirements

In order to make the M&G website easier to use, you can change display settings such as:

  • Text size
  • Colour and contrast
  • Screen magnification
  • Style sheets


We will continue to make further improvements and enhancements to our accessibility features according to feedback from users. Please let us know of any problems you may have encountered, or of any features that you have found particularly useful. You can contact us via email: website@mandg.com

For institutional investors only. Not for onward distribution to any other type of client. No other persons should rely on the information contained on this website.