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A robust track record in corporate trustee services

Back in the 1920s, Prudential Trustee Company put down its first roots in corporate trustee services. In the 1980s, PTCL was formally incorporated as a private limited company and became part of M&G Investments when Prudential acquired M&G in 1999. Following our demerger from the Prudential group in 2019, we are now part of M&G plc. Today, we’ve built on our established presence to deliver a growing range of corporate trustee services to institutional investors, spanning escrow services and bond trustee services to security trustee services.

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An expert, knowledgeable team

Our strong expert team is widely respected for its high standards of integrity, professionalism and industry knowledge. Bringing years of collective experience to the table, we’ve also built a strong reputation for our high standards of customer service and our efficient, flexible approach.