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Charities support

M&G is one of the largest and most experienced charity managers in the UK. We offer full support to investors who want to invest in one of our dedicated charity funds.

Summary of asset classes

Our guide to asset classes can help you learn which investment type best suits your needs.

Summary of asset classes

Eligibility and verification

Establish whether you are eligible to invest in our charity funds and can meet HM Revenue & Customs requirements.

Eligibility and verification

Prove your identity

M&G carries out proof of identity checks to comply with UK legislation and improve the safety of our financial systems.

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Dealing procedures

Get details of how to invest in our dedicated charity funds and what the requirements are.

Find out how to invest with M&G

Fund literature

Access fund literature, brochures, and forms for our charity funds.

Available to 'download and print' or order.

Fund literature

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