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2018 AUG


M&G Investments


Is inflation a threat to your wealth?

Money is only ever really worth what you can buy with it.

Over time, rising prices erode the value of cash. Compare, if you will, how far £10 could stretch when you were younger to what it will buy today. It’s not just the price of goods that has risen over the past decades, but also assets like property.

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2018 JUN



M&G recommits to climate change statement

The 2018 Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change reiterates investors’ full support for the Paris Agreement and strongly urges all governments to implement the actions that are needed to achieve the Agreement’s goals.

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2018 MAY


M&G Investments


Can one fund ever be enough?

When it comes to investing, managing risk is all-important. It can be prudent to spread your money over a range of different assets, so that all of your eggs aren’t in one basket.

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