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Ongoing charges 2014

Ongoing charges are the payments deducted from the assets of a fund where the deduction is required by national law and regulation. They only include direct costs to the fund that will affect the client. The figure disclosed in the KIID is based on the total of all charge payments made over a year, and includes charges such as the fund’s Annual Management Charge, custodian charge, and administration fee.
Funds listed A-Z.

See the ongoing charges for 20112012 and 2013

 Fund Share class Ongoing charges (%)   As at
 Episode Income Fund  Sterling A Inc  1.53  30/10/2014
 Episode Income Fund  Sterling A Acc   1.53  30/10/2014
 Episode Income Fund  Sterling I Inc  0.83  30/10/2014
 Episode Income Fund  Sterling I Acc  0.83  30/10/2014
 Global Dividend Fund  Sterling A Inc  1.66  30/09/2014
 Global Dividend Fund  Sterling A Acc  1.66  30/09/2014
 Global Dividend Fund  Sterling I Inc  0.91  30/09/2014
 Global Dividend Fund  Sterling I Acc  0.91  30/09/2014
 Global Growth Fund  Sterling A Inc  1.68  31/08/2014
 Global Growth Fund  Sterling A Acc  1.68  31/08/2014
 Global Growth Fund  Sterling I Inc  0.93  31/08/2014
 Global Growth Fund  Sterling I Acc  0.93  31/08/2014
 Optimal Income Fund  Sterling A Inc  1.41  30/09/2014
 Optimal Income Fund  Sterling A Acc  1.41  30/09/2014
 Optimal Income Fund  Sterling I Inc  0.91  30/09/2014
 Optimal Income Fund  Sterling I Acc  0.91  30/09/2014
 Recovery Fund  Sterling A Inc  1.66  31/12/2014
 Recovery Fund  Sterling A Acc  1.66  31/12/2014
 Recovery Fund  Sterling I Inc  0.91  31/12/2014
 Recovery Fund  Sterling I Acc  0.91  31/12/2014
 Strategic Corporate Bond Fund  Sterling A Inc  1.16  31/08/2014
 Strategic Corporate Bond Fund  Sterling A Acc  1.16  31/08/2014
 Strategic Corporate Bond Fund  Sterling I Inc  0.66  31/08/2014
 Strategic Corporate Bond Fund  Sterling I Acc  0.66  31/08/2014