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2020 FEB

Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at M&G Investments


Investing for equality of opportunities

More than two centuries ago, US founding father Benjamin Franklin famously said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. This may sound like a glib soundbite today, but has merit for investors wishing to contribute to global society in the 21st century.

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John William Olsen, Fund Manager


Making a difference (and a return)

The world is facing a rising tide of societal challenges, from the potential chaos associated with the breakdown of our climate, to unsustainable levels of waste and pollution, to vast and growing social inequality. Find out more about how investors are playing an increasingly pivotal role in directing capital to where it is most needed.

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Fund updates

John William Olsen


Why impact and profitable growth can go hand in hand

Fund manager John William Olsen explains how investors can use the M&G Positive Impact Fund to help solve major social and environmental problems whilst aiming to outperform the global equity market.

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Ben Constable-Maxwell - Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at M&G Investments


Investing in a healthier society

How companies can target sustainable returns from addressing the world’s healthcare challenges.

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Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing


Investing in the circular economy

How companies can target more sustainable growth – for the planet and their investors – by ‘closing the loop’.

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2020 JAN


Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at M&G Investments


Investing for a more inclusive global society

In the words of Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen, “poverty is the deprivation of opportunity”.

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M&G Investments


Don’t fall prey to investment scams


From simple cons to elaborate schemes, attempts to prise away your client’s hard-earned money are nothing new. Yet there are arguably more windows of opportunity for scammers today than ever.

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Kirsty Clark


Trading places: battle of the superpowers

Equity markets were surprisingly upbeat in 2019, despite slowing economic growth, ongoing trade disputes and geopolitical tension. Can markets deliver again in 2020? Investment Specialist, Kirsty Clark reviews the ‘Phase one’ US-China trade agreement and looks at how markets could react in 2020.

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2019 DEC


Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at M&G Investments


Combatting climate change through investing for impact

Whether it’s the rising number and intensity of hurricanes or floods, forest fires or droughts, it is increasingly untenable to ignore the causes and consequences of climate change.

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M&G Investments


Changes to LIBOR and other IBORs

LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate, is being retired. It, and most other Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs), are making way for more reliable replacements. Others are being reformed.

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