Our strengths

It is not just our years of experience and history of innovation that have helped to make us one of the UK’s top investment managers. We think three things set us apart from our competitors:

Our specialised teams

Our fund managers don’t simply follow the latest investment trends. Instead, they each have their own individual and rigorous approach, through which they seek to optimise the performance of their funds.

The courage to act on our convictions

We believe that actively managed funds have the potential to outperform passively managed funds, thereby generating the best returns for investors over the long term. Backed by the resources our size and scale can offer, our fund managers are free to develop their own individual investment strategies.

This allows them to act on their convictions without being constrained by a rigid house style. The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested.

Expertise in active management

There are two main types of asset manager: a passive fund manager will track a market's performance by investing proportionately in the companies that make up a representative index*, whereas an active manager will actively select stocks for their funds, depending on their views of future economic, market and company performance.

Anticipating market trends is one of the main factors differentiating active investment managers from passive managers. At M&G, we believe that, no matter what the prevailing economic conditions, there are always opportunities to be found for the investor who knows where to look.

* An index represents a particular market or a portion of it, serving as a performance indicator for that market.


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