Half-yearly statement mailing

Personalised investment update and statement booklets include:

  • Our view of the market
  • A personalised statement for the review period
  • An update for each M&G fund you hold
  • Consolidated Tax Voucher(s) (if applicable) for the 12 months ending 5 April

Performance update

We provide performance commentary with the statement so that when reviewing your statement at a later date, you can see from the commentary why the funds have performed in the way they have. Each fund performance commentary is focused on addressing the following:

  1. What has happened to my investment?
  2. Why has this happened?
  3. Why should I stay invested?

Please note that M&G does not have a ‘house view’. Each of our fund managers are free to form their own opinions and views, based on their individual fund’s investment objective and policy. For further investment insights, information and educational guides to help you increase your financial knowledge and reach your investment goals, visit our Learning Zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our investors. If the information you need is not included below, please contact our Customer Relations team.

The statement uses a lot of paper – does this cost M&G more to produce?

The mailing is very cost efficient:

  • Reduction in amount of paper used: The booklets use less paper than the previous loose, single sheet statements and the accompanying ‘Your Investment’ performance document sent pre-December 2007.  
  • Reduced print costs: The colour application may look very expensive, but M&G has employed specific technologies which allow us to achieve this at a lower cost than the previously used loose, single sheet statement mailings.

Why is there no branding on the envelopes?

We have removed M&G branding from all envelopes that contain customer sensitive information to help prevent fraud and protect personal investment information.

Why don’t you mail fund reports and statements together?

Although a great idea, fund reports are mailed six-monthly in accordance with each fund's distribution period. As these periods are spread out across a full calendar year, they unfortunately do not coincide with the statement period (which we believe is the most appropriate time of year for statements ie the end and mid-point of a tax year).