Information about switching charges

The table below shows any fees you may be likely to incur through switching funds. The funds are broken down into three groups according to their fee structure.

The table provides examples of the charging structure for a standard fund switch. Under certain circumstances we may change the amount of any charge incurred. You should always confirm any charges applicable to your switch by calling our Customer Relations team free on 0800 390 390. Lines are open 8.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday. For security purposes and to improve the quality of our service, we may record and monitor telephone calls. You will require your M&G client reference. Failure to provide this will affect your ability to transact with us.

If you do not specify a share/unit class on your switching instruction you will receive the nominated share/unit class, subject to the following exceptions:

  • You top up an existing holding and the share/unit class you currently hold is not the nominated share/unit class.
  • You specify that you do not wish to invest into the nominated share/unit class.
  • You invest via The M&G Savings Plan, where only Sterling Class A Accumulation Shares are available.

 Share/Unit class you are switching into

With an initial charge   With a reducing withdrawal fee  With no initial or withdrawal fee
Share/Unit class you are switching out of
Monetary easing
With an initial charge  No charge  No charge  No charge
With a reducing withdrawal fee  Any outstanding withdrawal fee on fund applied but no initial charge  Any outstanding withdrawal fee carried across to new fund  Any outstanding withdrawal fee on fund applied
With no initial charge or withdrawal fee  Initial charge applied  The new fund will be subject to the full 5 year reducing withdrawal fee period.  No charge