Continuation of temporary suspension of M&G Property Portfolio

26 September 2016

London - M&G Investments (M&G) has decided to continue the temporary suspension of trading in the M&G Property Portfolio and its feeder fund until further notice. The decision has been taken with the agreement of the Fund's Depositary and the Financial Conduct Authority has been informed.

The suspension is enabling the orderly sale of assets at reasonable values, balancing the need to protect the interests of all the Fund’s shareholders with reopening the fund as soon as practically possible.

As at 23 September the amount of cash held within the fund had risen to 7.8%, with assets under management of £4.09bn. Assets have been exchanged and sold from all sectors across a range of asset sizes.

M&G believes a more normal commercial property market combined with a fund cash holding target of 12.5% - plus additional cash for working capital and likely client redemptions - will provide a suitable environment to lift the suspension.

A further sign that market conditions continue to improve is in the decision by independent valuer Knight Frank to no longer report uncertainty around property asset values. The Fund continues to be valued bi-monthly.

We will notify Fund shareholders in advance of any lifting of the suspension.