Fund charges

Entry charge

An entry charge is the maximum amount that might be taken out of your money before it is invested in a fund to cover the cost of setting up your investment. For example, if you invest £10,000, an entry charge of 4% means that £400 will be taken out and the remaining £9,600 will be invested.

Ongoing charge

Ongoing charges cover all aspects of operating a fund, including investment management, oversight and other independent services and administration charges. They do not include entry or exit charges, portfolio transaction costs or performance fees.

Share class

Category of shares held by investors in a fund (share classes differ by levels of charges and/or other features such as currency).

Effective 16 December 2016, we have made some changes to our charging structure:

The entry charge has been discounted to zero on all new investments into Sterling Class Shares that currently carry such a charge. For any customers investing by Direct Debit, the discount will apply for as long as their Direct Debit contributions continue. (The changes apply to all M&G funds offering the Share Classes concerned.)

Exit charges have been waived on future withdrawals from all Sterling Class X Shares. (The changes applies to all M&G funds offering the Share Classes concerned.)

The Investment Association (IA) has produced an independent guide to charges and costs, which you can view on their website. Please note this will open in a new window.

In "Our funds" page, under the tab called 'Charges' you will be able to view the charges for each of M&G’s funds.