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M&G pooled pensions

M&G's pooled fund business offers a wide range of funds and solutions for UK pension schemes, both defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC). We manage active  and passive funds across a variety of asset classes and diverse portfolios. In addition, we manage property and have developed an absolute return product.

Our flexibility, fund charges and competitive performance make us an excellent choice for pooled pension funds of all types and sizes.

The funds operate on a forward single swinging price which is determined by the net cash flow for a fund on each dealing day. This means that there is one price at which you can buy and sell units. The price can be affected by the following factors:

  • If the fund has positive cash flow on that day then it will be priced on an offer basis
  • If the fund has negative cash flow on the day then it will be priced on a bid basis
  • The unit prices are based on valuations at the close of business on the dealing day
  • The offer price of units in each fund is based on the value of the net assets of the fund reduced by the daily continuing investment charge. In calculating the net assets, underlying securities are valued at the market buying price increased by the estimated acquisition expense.

The bid price is based on the value of the net assets reduced by the daily continuing investment charge. In calculating the net assets, underlying securities are valued at the market selling price reduced by the estimated realisation expense.

You can access the historic pooled pension fund prices here.


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Asset class

  • Cash
  • Equities
  • Fixed income
  • Multi-asset
  • Property 
Fund Name Bid Price Offer Price Date Factsheet Fund Profile
Absolute Return Fund 24.30 24.59 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
All Stocks Corporate Bond Fund 30.43 30.72 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Balanced Non Property Fund 28.32 28.50 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Cash Fund 78.79 78.80 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Consensus Fund 25.58 25.69 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Defensive Fund 18.80 19.03 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Discretionary Fund 1420.18 1428.52 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Diversified Growth Fund 17.30 17.54 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Episode Allocation Fund 11.39 11.45 16.01.2017 PDF PDF
Episode Income Fund 12.01 12.09 16.01.2017 PDF PDF

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