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2017 MAY



How can real assets help income-seeking institutional investors?

Institutional investors, particularly pension funds, are interested in alternative approaches to generating the income necessary to meet their long-term liabilities. Investments in real assets, such as infrastructure and real estate, can capture a number of attractive features.

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M&G Insights


Regime change: what neo-nationalism could mean for multi-asset investors

The prevailing economic regime, or era, has a huge impact on the risk and return profiles of assets and how they behave.

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2017 APR


M&G Insights


Comparing the investment cases for European and US leveraged loans

Leveraged loans offer investors a broad and relatively liquid market of private, sub-investment grade debt that can deliver attractive returns with lower volatility compared with public markets.

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Market summaries


Pooled Pensions: Q1 Quarterly Market Summary

Read the latest Pooled Pensions quarterly market summary.
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M&G investments


Impact investing: a growing market for institutional investors

The world requires investment on a huge scale to address environmental and social challenges, such as carbon emissions, disease and poverty. As such, impact investing – investing to achieve social or environmental benefits in addition to attractive returns – is a growing area and, given increasing constraints on public resources, mobilising private investment is imperative.

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2017 MAR


M&G Insights


What can investors learn from DGFs’ 2016 performance?

Since Diversified Growth Funds (DGFs) came to prominence in 2008, the market environment has supported reasonable performance with low levels of risk, even those with more traditional, static allocations. However, 2016 saw a challenge to this environment, resulting in a wide dispersion of DGF returns.

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