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Here you can find insights, thought leadership and market commentaries, compiled by our expert teams.


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2016 OCT

Market summaries


Pooled Pensions: Q3 Quarterly Market Summary

Read the latest Pooled Pensions quarterly market summary.
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2016 SEP


M&G Investments


Active management of index-linked gilts

The index-linked gilt market has developed significantly in recent years so that it now offers, in common with other asset classes, some substantial opportunities for skilled active managers to capture returns above and beyond those of the benchmark index.
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Market summaries

M&G Real Estate


UK Real Estate Market Outlook

In the weeks following the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union, the initial impact of the result has been uncertainty, causing falls in confidence. A slowdown in economic growth is likely as businesses and consumers wait for clarity over what form the UK’s new relationship with Europe will take and also, more in the near term, over the domestic political environment.

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2016 AUG


M&G Investments


European ABS: selective opportunities emerge after Brexit

Europe’s asset-backed securities (ABS) market has proved resilient since the initial negative impact of the Brexit vote, with pricing returning to relative stability during July. However, the early turbulence created some selective investment opportunities for long-term institutional investors while also enabling profit-taking in areas where spreads (over Libor) have recovered. 

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M&G Investments


The value opportunity?

European equity markets have been feeling the effect of central bank quantitative easing policies, resulting in high prices for “growth” stocks while “value” parts of the market have languished. However, valuation dispersion within sectors has created an exciting opportunity for value stocks.

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M&G Investments


Bond markets since Brexit

How have investors reacted since the bond market volatility caused by the recent Brexit vote? Whilst yields on both gilts and European government debt have hit new record lows as a result of high demand for safe assets, corporate bonds saw initial short-term weakness followed by a strong rebound in the last few weeks.

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