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Outlook for UK real estate in 2016

Investment case for global core

BooksWhat are the advantages of investing in global real estate rather than just in your home country? Read the views from our research team.

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Research reports and insights

M&G Real Estate’s in-house research team produces regular updates on our key markets, alongside more in-depth pieces on major trends affecting global property today.

Life Beyond LondonJust published: UK offices – is there life beyond London?
Investors and occupiers are increasingly looking beyond London for, respectively, higher returns and lower rents. The big question is whether the regional cities have sufficiently large and diverse economies to present an attractive long-term investment proposition. We have developed a proprietary index of vital signs to measure the heartbeat of 13 of the UK’s biggest cities and assess the strength of the opportunities on offer.

Latest real estate market outlooks

Real Estate Market Outlook

UK Real Estate Market Outlook

UK real estate is set to deliver healthy returns of c.8.5% in 2016, supported by solid economic growth and rising rents. Read the latest Outlook from M&G Real Estate to find out which regions and sectors are likely to deliver the best performance.

Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook

Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook

Japan and Australia are leading the way in terms of rental growth in Asia Pacific. With economic conditions in the region set to improve in 2016, investment opportunities include secondary assets which can be repositioned to extract value, as well as alternative sectors, such as hotels. Read our latest outlook to find out more about what is in store for the Asia Pacific real estate market over the coming year.

European Real Estate Market Outlook

European Real Estate Outlook

Europe is following the US and the UK into a phase of solid economic growth, with buoyant consumer demand, rising employment and improving lending conditions. In real estate, that is translating into a pick in rental growth and buoyant demand from investors. Read our latest outlook to find out which regions and sectors in continental Europe currently offer the most attractive investment opportunities.

In-depth research papers

Magnify – Investing in the UK leisure sector

The UK leisure sector presents an attractive real estate investment opportunity thanks to strong economic prospects, the potential for rental growth and diversification benefits. The latest Magnify paper from M&G Real Estate’s research team assesses the opportunities in detail.

Magnify – Europe’s innovation hotspots

Investors are increasingly looking for new ways to find opportunities away from the relatively crowded prime markets in Europe’s top cities. Our research shows that one way to forecast future growth spots is to measure innovation. Read the latest Magnify from M&G Real Estate to find out which of Europe’s cities offer high levels of innovation alongside attractive real estate pricing.

Magnify - Technology in global retail - challenges and opportunities for real estate

Significant advances in technology and the rise of the middle class in many countries are leading to major changes in shopping and lifestyle behaviours. In their latest in-depth ‘Magnify’ publication, the M&G Real Estate’s research team looks at the challenges and opportunities that these broad structural changes present for the real estate market.

Perspectives - The impact of QE on European property markets

The European Central Bank's €1.1 trillion quantitative easing (QE) programme should support European real estate prices, mirroring the experiences of the US, the UK and Japan. The latest ‘Perspectives’ from M&G Real Estate’s research team reviews the likely impact on investment flows, property yields and rents.

Magnify – Opportunities in European logistics

In their latest ‘Magnify’ paper, the M&G Real Estate research team analyse the opportunities in the European logistics sector. They expect rental growth to resume over the next 12-18 months after five years of declines, and see attractive investment opportunities in specialised logistics products on the outskirts of metropolitan European cities (such as parcel delivery centres and sortation hubs).

Perspectives - Impact of UK rate hikes on property

UK interest rates are expected to rise gradually over the next three years, in tandem with the economic recovery. What does this mean for commercial real estate?

Perspective – London vs. Big Six Office markets

Prime office yields in the centre of London’s City Inner Core have slumped to six year lows, diverting investor attention away from the coveted Square Mile and into the regions. Guy Sheppard from M&G Real Estate’s research team discusses how the ‘Big Six’ office markets are faring relative to London.

Magnify - Impact of e-tailing on UK industrial

The M&G Real Estate Research team discuss the opportunities in UK industrial as a result of burgeoning e-commerce.

Magnify - The Big Six Office Markets

The UK economic recovery is starting to spread beyond London, opening up potential investment opportunities in office space in other major cities. In this edition of Magnify, the M&G Real Estate research team looks at the drivers of demand, rental prospects and current pricing in order to provide a view on which of the Big Six office markets (Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh) offer the best prospective returns.