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UK equities

With no ‘house view’, our fund managers develop their own investment strategies. These are generally unconstrained. They act on their convictions and are fully supported by research, portfolio construction and risk management teams.

Our fund managers’ main expertise lies in stock selection, focusing on fundamental company analysis. M&G’s size and standing enable our fund managers to maintain excellent relationships with the management teams of the companies in which they invest.

The fund managers are located at M&G’s head office in the City of London and manage investments on behalf of institutional, retail and internal clients. They are supported by extensive resources including analysts, investment specialists, fund manager assistants, dealers and risk specialists. 

Prices may fluctuate and you may not get back your original investment. The value of overseas investments may be affected by currency exchange rates.

M&G Recovery Fund

Fund manager: Tom Dobell

The Fund predominantly invests in a diversified range of securities issued by companies which are out of favour, in difficulty or whose future prospects are not fully recognised by the market. The sole aim of the Fund is capital growth. There is no particular income yield target.

The focus on struggling companies with the potential to restore themselves to health has been the fund’s core strategy since its launch in 1969 and has been applied consistently to the benefit of our investors. Fund manager Tom Dobell only invests in businesses he understands and trusts. He applies his extensive experience of companies in troubled situations – often knowing the management team personally from their prior work with companies in similar circumstances – to determine which are suitable candidates for the fund.

View the latest half yearly report or contact us to find out more.

M&G UK Smaller Caps Fund

Fund manager: Louise Nash

The Fund invests in smaller companies, where good management can have most impact on earnings. Investment in such shares can offer prospects of above average capital growth. Income is not a major factor and the yield can be expected to be less than that of the FTSE All-Share Index.

The fund manager uses a bottom-up approach to identify companies for inclusion within the fund’s diversified portfolio. The investment approach specifically focuses on three areas: company management, structural growth opportunities and valuations. Company management is perhaps the most crucial variable in deciding whether a small company is likely to be successful or not and, in this regard, company meetings are key. The manager favours trustworthy, diligent and understated management teams.

Visit the latest quarterly review or contact us to find out more about this fund.

M&G UK Growth Fund

Fund manager: Garfield Kiff

The Fund invests principally in the equities of UK companies with high growth with the sole objective of capital growth. Income considerations are ignored.

The M&G UK Growth Fund holds a diversified portfolio of UK equities, which, is actively managed. The fund manager takes a bottom-up stockpicking approach, employing a long-term view. Stock selection is focused upon finding undervalued quality growth companies. Key measures of quality include factors such as barriers to entry, growth prospects and management capabilities. Once 'quality' companies are identified, the manager applies a number of valuation metrics to ascertain that stocks entering the portfolio are attractively valued.

Visit our adviser site or contact us to find out more about this fund.

M&G UK Equity Fund

Fund manager: Garfield Kiff

The fund’s objective is to achieve a return of 0.75%-1.0%per annum above the return of the benchmark index on a rolling three year period.

The fund invests in shares of UK companies. The fund is actively managed against its performance benchmark of the FTSE All-Share Index. The fund is a ‘fund of funds’ holding units in several more specialised UK equity funds giving access to a variety of methods for generating investment returns in differing market conditions. The range of investment approaches used and spread of stocks held across all areas of the market reflect the fund's prudent performance target.

Visit our adviser site or contact us to find out more about this fund.

M&G UK Equity Dividend Fund

Fund manager: Richard Hughes

The fund aims to achieve a return of 2% per annum above the return of the benchmark FTSE All-Share Index on a rolling three year basis.

The fund manager follows an investment approach focused on bottom up, individual stock selection. The portfolio has a bias towards high yielding sectors of the market, but nevertheless has the aim of being broadly diversified. The investment horizon is long-term, with no predetermined holding period.

Visit our adviser site or contact us to find out more about this fund.

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