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Global equities strategies

M&G’s equity team shares a common philosophy through which investment ideas are discussed and refined. The team’s open culture means investment ideas are shared and challenged before they are implemented. The equity team is supported by an extensive resource network including analysts, investment specialists, fund manager assistants, dealers and risk specialists.

For more information contact the team.

Global Select Strategy

John William Olsen

Fund manager: John William Olsen

The M&G Global Select strategy is a core global equity proposition, investing in a concentrated portfolio of quality companies, with ‘economic moats’ to protect their profitability and an element of change helping to drive their value. Importantly, the team invests in businesses where short-term ‘disruptions’ have provided a clear valuation opportunity.

We believe that a focus on both quality and value offers a powerful combination, providing the long-term growth in returns that quality businesses can deliver, as well as the potential boost to a company’s share price when a ‘disruption’ has been resolved and the shares revert to a more appropriate level. Key to this approach is remaining patient and taking a long-term view, both in the entry and exit points of the strategy’s holdings. The team keeps the selection focused, generally holding between 30 and 40 well-understood stocks, which broadly fall into one of two ‘buckets’ – ‘stable growth’ and ‘opportunities’.

Global Emerging Markets Strategy

Matthew Vaight

Fund manager: Matthew Vaight

The M&G Global Emerging Markets strategy invests in well-run companies that can capture the significant potential driven by economic development in emerging market economies. The team looks for companies that have the potential to create value for their shareholders over time. We believe that such value creation, rather than economic growth, is what drives share prices over the long run. Consequently, investment decisions are determined by the fundamental analysis of individual companies and the strategy’s country and sector exposure is not influenced by top-down views.

The strategy invests in companies domiciled in, or conducting the major part of their business in, emerging market countries*. The team takes an active, bottom-up approach to selecting companies to invest in. The investment philosophy is to identify companies that are undergoing improvements in their return on capital, either through external change, internal change or asset growth. The strategy also invests in quality franchises where the sustainability of a company’s return is under-appreciated by the market.

* The current reference point for defining emerging market countries are those included within the MSCI Emerging Markets index and/or those included in the World Bank definition of developing economies as updated from time to time.

Global Dividend Strategy

Stuart Rhodes

Fund manager: Stuart Rhodes

The M&G Global Dividend strategy is invested in stocks that we believe can sustain long-term dividend growth from the full spectrum of publicly listed companies worldwide. The strategy seeks to maximise total return (income and capital growth combined) by investing in companies that can grow their dividends consistently over time, while generating an income yield greater than the global average.

The team selects stocks with different sources of dividends to construct a selection that has the potential to perform in different market conditions. The strategy’s investment philosophy revolves around three core beliefs:

  • Investing in dividend-paying companies is a successful strategy
  • Companies have to grow in a disciplined manner to sustain rising dividends over time
  • Traditional “high yield” strategies are flawed

Global Leaders Strategy

Aled Smith

Fund manager: Aled Smith

The investment aim of the M&G Global Leaders strategy is to select those companies that we consider to be, or have the potential to be, leading in their field in terms of improving shareholder value. The team selects the best investments from the global universe in all sectors, countries and size ranges and focus on companies that are taking steps to become better businesses and improve their return on capital.

Stock selection is based upon:

  • Rigorous screening and research to identify upward step changes in returns
  • Detailed company analysis using research ‘edge’ of M&G’s equity team
  • Consistent assessment of how a firm’s prospects are priced by the market

Global Basics Strategy

Jamie Horvat

Fund manager: Jamie Horvat

The M&G Global Basics strategy offers a conservative way to invest in the economic growth of emerging markets, through global companies based in the west but with exposure to developing economies.

The strategy aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in those companies providing the ‘building blocks’ of the global economy – basic materials, products and services that feature in everyday life around the world.

The team identifies structural trends in the global economy and the companies positioned to benefit from them. Meeting company management is key to their approach and they look for management teams who are able to execute an intelligent business strategy and whose interests are clearly aligned with those of the company’s shareholders.

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