M&G Direct Lending

Lending that fuels longevity

British mid-sized businesses are, more and more, demanding lending facilities matched to a longer planning horizon.

‘Longevity lending’, as M&G refers to it, is essential in allowing these very well-established powerhouses of British business to plan for their long term.

M&G stands apart because of our commitment to match long-term lending to long-term growth plans. We support some of the most successful British companies in the £50m to £500m turnover range.

Inherent in M&G’s approach is a passion for building business relationships beyond spreadsheets, embodied in a commitment to traditional client/lender relationships, much missed in recent times.

The bank dependency of the past has been replaced by a choice of trusted mainstream lenders that are here for the long term.

Ahead of that curve is M&G Direct Lending.