Bond trustee services

Prudential Trustee Company provides dedicated trustee services for public bond and institutional debt transactions.

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If you are a bond issuer, our bespoke bond and security trustee solutions are designed to help you seamlessly manage your transactions.

These include monoline guaranteed debt and unwrapped debt facilities (where we already provide all the services required for non-monoline guaranteed debt).

In the monoline guaranteed infrastructure sector, we work closely with you to make sure that credit decisions can still be coordinated effectively with investors if monolines are no longer the controlling creditor.

How we can help

Our bond trustee services are set up to support you with:

  •   A single point of contact for issuers on behalf of lenders, and for investors

  •   Providing investor reporting to the lending group as required

  •   Efficient completion of waivers and approvals

  •   The production of waiver and approval requests for voting

  •   Following best practice for borrowers

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