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Our funds are valued each business day and the prices are available here from approximately 9pm each business day.

The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

The yields quoted for Charifund and NAACIF are calculated on a historic basis, using the four most recent quarterly income distributions paid by each fund. The yield quoted for Charibond is the Gross Distribution Yield, based on prospective estimates of the next four quarterly distributions likely to be paid by the fund. 

If you have any further questions regarding fund yields or performance, please call Richard Macey (020 7548 3731), or our Charities Helpline on 0800 917 4472. Alternatively, you may e-mail your question to

Asset class

  • Fixed interest
  • Equities
  • Multi-asset

Share class

  • Sterling
  • Sterling A
  • Sterling I

Audience Type

Select Fund name Date InfoCurrency InfoPrice InfoChange InfoChange % InfoYield XD Date InfoISIN
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Charibond - Sterling Acc 23.09.2016 GBX 4101.6 Up 18.58 0.46% 3.42 01.08.2016 GB0005526974
Charibond - Sterling Inc 23.09.2016 GBX 134.8 Up 0.61 0.45% 3.42 01.08.2016 GB0005497853
Charifund - Sterling Acc 23.09.2016 GBX 21819.87 Down -104.45 -0.48% 4.41 01.08.2016 GB0005497416
Charifund - Sterling Inc 26.09.2016 GBX 1518.25 Down -12.49 -0.82% 4.6 01.08.2016 GB0005494629
Episode Income Fund - Sterling A Acc 23.09.2016 GBX 148.33 Up 0.23 0.16% 3.59 01.09.2016 GB00B48VC629
Episode Income Fund - Sterling A Inc 23.09.2016 GBX 119.69 Up 0.18 0.15% 3.71 01.09.2016 GB00B4054K09
Episode Income Fund - Sterling I Acc 26.09.2016 GBX 1346.67 Down -6.11 -0.45% 3.44 01.09.2016 GB00B4QHRP64
Episode Income Fund - Sterling I Inc 26.09.2016 GBX 1164.08 Down -5.28 -0.45% 3.49 01.09.2016 GB00B7FSJ224
Global Dividend Fund - Sterling A Acc 26.09.2016 GBX 234.88 Down -1.28 -0.54% 2.9 01.07.2016 GB00B39R2L79
Global Dividend Fund - Sterling A Inc 26.09.2016 GBX 180.26 Down -0.98 -0.54% 2.96 01.07.2016 GB00B39R2M86

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