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2017 AUG




MIFID II and charities’ requirement for Legal Entity Identifiers (‘LEIs’)

What is an LEI?

An LEI is a unique 20-character alphanumeric code that identifies distinct legal entities (including charities) that engage in financial transactions, including transactions in listed investments. It is an international identifier and is not limited to the United Kingdom. The code is entered on a global database. It enables any legal entity that is party to a financial transaction such as buying and selling listed investments to be identified in any jurisdiction. Legal entities in almost 200 countries are now required to have an LEI. From 3 January 2018 UK investment managers will not be able to execute investment transactions on behalf of clients who do not have an LEI. Because the code is an international requirement, a Charity Registration Number (or any other form of UK identifier) does not qualify as an alternative.

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2017 JUL


Ritu Vohora and Ana Cuddeford, M&G Investment Directors


Smart Money – Where next for interest rates?

In this edition of Smart Money, Ritu Vohora and Ana Cuddeford discuss the likely trajectory of UK interest rates, and what this could mean for savers and investors.

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2017 APR


Ritu Vohara and Ana Cuddeford, M&G Investment Directors


Smart Money – Europe: To buy or not to buy?

Amid rising consumer and business confidence and a resurgence in company earnings, M&G Investment Directors Ritu Vohora and Ana Cuddeford discuss the European investment picture.

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Lost property: investing beyond buy-to-let

Talking money may be taboo in polite company, but not talking about property. The British captivation with bricks and mortar transcends status and wealth.

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Is inflation a threat to your wealth?

Money is only ever really worth what you can buy with it.

Over time, rising prices erode the value of cash. Compare, if you will, how far £10 could stretch when you were younger to what it will buy today. It’s not just the price of goods that has risen over the past decades, but also assets like property.

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