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Important fund objective changes

Funds with objective changes within the last ten years can be found in the table below.

 Fund  Event  Date  Previous objective
Episode Income Fund Objective change and name change from M&G Income Multi Asset Fund 22 August 2012  The Fund invests in securities, fixed income assets, warrants, money market instruments, deposits and cash. Exposure to these assets, and to property, may also be gained via collective investment schemes and derivatives. The Manager may seek to minimise currency risk through a combination of diversification and hedging. Derivatives may also be used for efficient portfolio management purposes.
Global Select Fund Objective change and name change from M&G Global Growth Fund (formerly M&G International Growth Fund) 19 September 2008 The Fund invests in a wide range of international equities (excluding UK) with the sole objective of capital growth. The geographical split of the portfolio will vary according to market conditions.
Recovery Fund Objective Change 28 November 2005 The Fund primarily invests in a diversified range of companies which are out of favour, in difficulty or whose future prospects are not fully recognised by the market. The sole aim of the Fund is capital growth. There is no particular income yield target.
Strategic Corporate Bond Fund Objective change.

Note - Since 31 August 2009 a standalone OEIC (formerly part of Investment Funds (1))
31 August 2009 The Fund aims to maximise total return (the combination of income and growth of capital) through investment predominantly in investment grade corporate bonds, but may invest in other debt instruments, including higher yielding corporate bonds, government debt and convertible and preference stocks, as well as money market instruments and equities.

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